About Company

Manufacturer of Quality Household Products.

About Our Company

Pretty Neat Plastics is a manufacturing brand of household plastic products based in Karachi, Pakistan. With customers in more than 50 cities around the country, Pretty Neat Plastics has sparked a National Movement in the Plastic Industry, to make premium quality plastic products the standard, not the exception.

Pretty Neat Plastics is led by its founder, Irfan Mehmood, who formed this growing company in 1996 with the aim of producing exceptional quality and innovative products, adding value and ease to the lives of its customers.

Pretty Neat Plastics is supported by three key Principles
QUALITY: To provide the best possible premium quality products to its customers.
INNOVATION: To provide its customers with new creative and innovative products for their daily domestic needs.
COMMITMENT: To provide the same rates and policies to all of its distributors across the country.

Our mission

To produce Non-toxic, food grade, BPA FREE, durable and everlasting products for our customers at reasonable and affordable prices.

Our vision

To cut the foreign dependency of plastic houseware and being able to meet our country’s demand while providing our quality products and houseware solutions all across Pakistan as well as the globe.

Our promise

Identical and Fair policies for everyone all around the state.

Our essence

Quality of Life.